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4 Bold Steps to Get your Ex Back

What makes breaking up so difficult? It has to be the pain that lingers inside. And though we know deep down that there's a way, we just seems to stop wondering how to get the ex back, or even if we'll be able to at all.

Maybe you've even taken a few steps to win her back, such as telephone call or an e-mail, but for whatever reason it didn't have the desired results, and now you're ready to try anything. You asked for it!

Getting an ex back is difficult if you were dumped. Think how you would be feeling if you were had done the dumping? There can be many different tips and tricks to get your ex back. The majority of individuals are interested in doing this because they want to restore a previous relationship.

What follows are four unorthodox ways to get you making up.

Propose marriage.

Huh?! I'll be the first to admit how crazy it sounds, considering you just went through a break up, but stick with me.

See, the possibility exists that it was your inability to be committed to the relationship that led to the break up in the first place.

By proposing marriage you will be showing you are ready to spend your lives together.

It goes without saying that you should only do this if you're serious about it.

Just listen.

Lack of communication is one of the main reasons couples break up.

Listening sounds easy enough. However, it's more than letting your ex talk, it's about trying to understand what they really mean.

You must stay focus on them when they're talking. You will have a chance to follow up once they are done, but don't think about what to say when they're the one talking.

Pay attention and maintain eye contact.

Learning how to get your ex back when he has a girlfriend starts with understanding that talking poorly about her to him will only hurt you.You may be wondering how to get your ex back when he has a girlfriend if you're still crazy about him.

The purpose of all of this is to show you care about what they have to say.

Don't be afraid to see other people.

On the surface this may appear to be manipulative, but that's not the intention behind it.

Yes, seeing dating somebody may make your ex jealous and realize that working things out may be worthwhile after all.

Additionally, taking a break from the break up can help you to clear your thoughts and see things more clearly.

Talk to their friends and family. Doing so will give you more insight into who your ex really is and what they're going through right now.

This next point is super-sneaky and not for everyone: You may endear yourself to the people you're talking to and they try to talk your ex into making up with you.

There's nothing wrong with a casual conversation or two that shows you care, but be careful that you don't go so far that you cross the line into being a stalker.

Being in a break up can be complicated, but moping around feeling sorry for yourself won't do you any good. isn't easy.

Take action! Use any of the tips mentioned above, and continue seeking more advice, and you will get your ex back before you know it.

I hope that you have found some helpful tips here for how to build a lasting relationship.

But you always need to keep learning and researching for more help and expert guidance if you want to keep things fresh and current.
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After meeting the person of your dreams you are likely to do as so many others and jump into a relationship. After all, it seems like a fairy tale and you are expecting all things to work out as planned.

But before you get too caught up in fantasizing about all your dreams coming true you should learn as much as you can about your partner. Keep in mind that the two of you are only humans and you live in the real world where things do not always happen as you would like.

Unfortunately we all have our own issues to deal with and when we bring another person into our life that can complicate things even further. Eventually the air will clear and so will your mind. What I mean is the initial infatuation will become a real love and you will begin to see things as they really are.

But in the meantime problems of some sort may creep into your world. It is good to keep in mind that during the initial times that you are together both of you are likely to be on your best behavior. But as time goes on the side of you that you only show to family and chosen friends will begin to shine. The same will likely be true of your partner.

This is perfectly normal. After all, we do not always act the same around one person as we do around another. The relationship you have with your professional friends is certainly different than the one you have with your close friends. Because of that difference you are likely to behave a little differently depending on whom it is that you are with.

If you are involved in a relationship that requires that you spend lots of time with the other person you are more likely to be yourself around that person. I mean really, it is difficult to try to be on your best behavior for extended periods of time.

Once you and your partner let your guard down it is possible that you will find personality quirks or traits that you do not particularly like. Or your partner may notice something in you that is completely irritating.

Perhaps after a month or so into the relationship you realize that your partner does not like spending time at home. He or she is always on the go. But you on the other hand like nothing better than spending time at home reading or watching TV or playing on the Internet. Obviously this could cause some conflicts.

I am not saying that you cannot work around such problems because you certainly can. But what I am saying is that you should be aware of such differences before you get overly involved. That will afford you the opportunity to work out a compromise, make adjustments, or to decide that the effort is a waste of time.

The more you learn about your partner in the beginning the easier it will be to work through misunderstandings, disagreements, and difficult times. Learn all you can in order to prevent surprises in the future. 
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Dealing With Your Fears Of A Relationship - Relationship Advice

Starting any relationship brings with it an element of fear and the unknown. You may meet a co-worker who helps you get started in a new job and you want to become friends. Or perhaps your heart pumps faster whenever your friend's brother enters the room.

It can be overwhelming for some people and they avoid establishing a love relationship because they are afraid of the connection. There could be many reasons for this but the key is to know you can get over this fear of a relationship if you want to.

First, every relationship means a commitment of some degree. You have someone else counting on you now so you have to follow through on promises.

It's true this is a bit of a loss of freedom. Some people simply don't want to risk being hurt.

They protect their heart and keep their feelings hidden from others.

Studies have shown that in some cases fear takes over a person’s destiny.

These people are reclusive and can't handle even small relationships. Fear drives their every action and decision.

In order to conquer your fear you first have to admit that you are afraid.

Say it out loud, "I'm afraid to fall in love!" Often this is the hardest step in the process of overcoming fear of a relationship.

Once you open up and talk to people, you are well on your way to creating a new you for a new relationship.

After all, if you tell someone you are afraid that means you have given away a bit of a secret about yourself to another.

Hey, guess what, that's starting a trust and friendship. If you do not talk about your fear, there is no way for anyone to help you deal with it.

Maybe someone at your church or a family member is a good source of help for you. Talk with people and see what help they can offer you.

You know you aren't the first person to experience problems getting into a relationship.

Odds are that you are going to connect to someone who has been through the same thing. They can offer you expert advice.

If you do not get any answers from your support system, look for fear related discussion groups.

You can do a search on the Internet to find groups in your area. This puts you in touch with people that are suffering the same way that you are.

One word of caution. Don't try dating while you are new to overcoming your fears. You are not confident yet and this is going to set you up for failure.

If you are not happy and content with your individual life, you cannot give your whole self to a relationship and be completely happy with another person.

Take baby steps in your new relationship before you begin dating.

Ask your new friend to help you with something, go for a short walk somewhere not too private, like the shopping mall. Find out what your friend likes to do, hobbies and favorite foods.

Spend a lot of time learning about your friend and try not to get all chatty about yourself.

People are able to overcome insurmountable illnesses and situations. You can overcome and live a happy, fulfilled life.

Realize you have this fear, say it out loud and talk to someone who can help you get beyond this darkness.

Soon you’ll be ready to commit to love and give all your heart to another.

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Quotes for your Dream Man - Best Boyfriend Quotes

Are you in need of cute boyfriend quotes to fill in a card you giving to your man? Are you looking for the right words to put in a love letter? If so, the following sweet boyfriend quotes could solve your problems.

If you and your boyfriend are true romantics, you can go the route of adding something to your card or letter such as a quote given by an unknown source which says, "True love doesn't have a happy ending: True love doesn't have an ending."

This is good if you know you and your boyfriend are close to taking the big plunge together.

Should you be looking for the kind of quote to describe the kind of love portrayed in old movies in the grand age of the silver screen, then this quote by the great Judy Garland may be a good expression of how you feel: "For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul."

Another lovely boyfriend quote which lets him know of how deep and effected you are by your love is "If my kisses were the water I would give you the sea, if my hugs were the leaves I would give you a tree, but if my love for you was time, I would give you eternity."- This quote was made by an unknown romantic.

For a more traditional literary quote about love you can quote Elizabeth Browning who he said of love, "Love doesn’t make the world go round, love is what makes the ride worthwhile."

This is a sweet boyfriend quote which really will let him know how important he is to you.

A wonderful boyfriend quote which will really express your deep feeling for your man could be summed up in a quote from another unknown person which is "I love you not because of the person you are, but because of the person I am when I am with you, my love."

If you are looking for a great boyfriend quote but you want to put your own twist on it then you could use one Mark Twain made about love and reword to your liking.

Twain made many great quotes about love including one which indicated that you wanted to have a full life of joy you needed to find someone to share it with.

Should you be looking for a more lighthearted boyfriend quote than there is nothing like quoting Dr. Seuss.

The good doctor one said, "When you are in Love you can't fall asleep because reality is better than your dreams."

This quote really sums up what we are looking for in love.

Then again if you are looking for a more down to earth boyfriend quote which describes more of what your daily life together is like then try this quote by an unknown author.

"I love you because you call me beautiful instead of hot, and you call me back when I hang up on you. I love you and want to lie under the stars with you and listen to your heartbeat, or will stay awake at night just to watch you sleep."

Cute boyfriend quotes are great ways to let the man in your life know just how much in love and how much he means to you.

I hope that you have found some helpful tips here for how to build a lasting relationship.

But you always need to keep learning and researching for more help and expert guidance if you want to keep things fresh and current.
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Boyfriend Gifts? Be Creative - He Will Love Unexpected Gifts

Are you in a dilemma about what gift to get your boyfriend? When giving gifts to those we love, we all want to give items they will enjoy and be surprised to receive.

No one wants to give a gift the other person does not care for or something bland which they predicted they would receive. The following tips will help you find creative boyfriend gifts.

One thoughtful boyfriend gift is a charm he can carry in his pocket to remember you each day. Men are unlike woman in that they do not like to wear necklaces with moments of the ones they love.

It is nice to have a happy and healthy relationship but do we really know what it takes to make that possible?In happy relationships, there are five simultaneous relationships happening. Healthy relationships are based upon each person having a relationship with him-or-herself.

By having a charm engraved with your names and a significant date that he can carry in his pocket you have given him the male equitant of the female charm necklace.

He will think of you each time he gets anything out of his packet during the day and he will be reminded of your love.

An inventive boyfriend gift is having copies of the photos of the two of you cut into the letters of your names. Have the photo letters places in a frame to spell your names with a photo of the two of you in the shape of heart set between your names. This is a great way for him to enjoy photos of you together.

If your boyfriend is into vintage items then you want to consider getting him a vintage cigarette or card case and flask with his name engraved on it. This is a very classy boyfriend gift which he will enjoy well beyond the day you give them to him.

In healthy relationships, the focus is upon respecting one's own process. When this happens, each - almost be default - respects the others journey and supports it as well as his or her own.

You can make a memorable boyfriend gift by making a special video for him. Film you, friends, and family members telling stories and sharing memories about the two of you. This is a special boyfriend gift which will be cherished each time he watches it.

Make going to the movies a special boyfriend gift. Go to your local movie theater and ask if they sell ads which are shown before the film begins.

If they do, you can purchase an ad and have it played on an evening you are taking him to see a movie together.

The ad can have a picture of the two of you and saying a simple sweet message. Not only will he be surprised to see the ad, he will be touched by how thoughtful you are.

If you are looking to really impress your boyfriend one of the most impressive boyfriend gifts is a new car stereo system or satellite radio.

Tell your boyfriend you are taking his car to have it washed. Instead, take it have a high end car stereo or satellite radio installed into it.

This is gift which will put a smile on his face each time he gets in hos car and thinks of you and this thoughtful gift.

With a little work you can give creative boyfriend gift which he will really enjoy.

I hope that you have found some helpful tips here for how to build a lasting relationship.

But you always need to keep learning and researching for more help and expert guidance if you want to keep things fresh and current.
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Successful Couples Spend Qulity Time with each other

When the couple is planning to have children or already have some, both must not forget to spend quality time with each other alone.

If both are working, being together should not just happen when the couple comes home from work.

It means that the they should think of other ways to spice up the marriage.

The first step in getting over a marriage problem is to remember that you aren't alone, lots of couples have marriage problems that stem from all kinds of different types of behavior.Men, the best way to resolve your marriage problems is to really understand what women want deep down in their subconscious minds.All marriages have difficulties and marriage issues because life has difficulties and issues. The impact those difficulties have depends on the impact that the couple allows them to have.

Here are some good ideas to carry this out:

1. Even when both people are married, some things do not have to change. The individuals can still go out on dates, such as watching a movie and having dinner in a restaurant like two people who just started dating.

2. The couple can also plan weeks or perhaps months in advance to go out of town or even out of the country and spend the time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

3. There are many classes and sports to choose from and trying something new with your partner can be a learning and memorable experience.

4. Some people believe that a match made in heaven means that both will like everything that the other person does. This is not always the case which makes some say that opposites attract.

Instead of being annoyed by something that the other enjoys, the individual should keep an open mind about it and participate in the activity or sit there with the other person while they enjoy that activity.

5. Sex is something awkward to talk about but marriage counselors insist that a good marriage should also have this in the equation.

Both genders long for sex at different ages and researchers have determined that men want sex often in their 20’s and 30’s while women want more sex in their 30’s and 40’s.

There are lots of relationship problems scattered all over the world. So it will be very difficult trying to enumerate all the relationship problems and what causes them. One of the most important relationship advice for women here is that they should try to understand their partner and the way he communications.So, if you hear about relationship advice for men, and you as a husband are interested in it, don't be embarrassed.Most relationship problems are the result of actions and decisions made by both spouses. It is never just one person's problem.

To make it work, the couple must agree when is the right time to enjoy doing it. Spontaneous sex is often the most enjoyable.

Sex therapists have published various books on sex such as the different positions and role playing games that couple can play with each other.

Research and exploration may be a great way of to assure a good time with your spouse.Regardless of the choice of getting through marriage issues, they will always occur.

Time is a luxury that people do not have. There are things that are beyond the control of people that are unforeseen which happen in the blink of an eye.

The best thing to do is spend quality time no matter how short or long making the spouse feel loved and special at all times.
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The famous Confucius, founder of the Five Relationships theory, was a Chinese philosopher, a political analyst, a teacher and the father of the founder what can be called a religion or philosophy known as Confucianism.

He lived in China about 500 years BC, and has since influenced the way of thought in Asian society.

As with many geniuses of all trade, Confucius's work, beliefs, and teachings were not recognized at all during his lifetime. It was many years after he died that people actually recognized him for his concepts and vision.

Confucius believed that there were five basic relationships that existed in society and intermingled with each other.

The five human relationships that he recognized were Ruler to the Ruled, Father to Son, Husband to Wife, Older Brother to Younger Brother, and Friend to Friend.

Ruler To Subject

According to Confucius, the ruler of a society is supposed to set a moral example for his people and lead with a father-like presence.

So, it is also true that he must rule as though he is the father of a very big family.

If he doesn't rule by example, and, instead, rules by power, then, according to Confucius, he is not a very good leader.

This lead the Chinese to believe that a bad leader was not supported by Heaven, so if any bad luck or fighting befelled a leader, it was because he was not worthy.

Father To Son (in modern times, parent to child)
Confucius considered this to be the most important of the Five Relationships, because a parent-like role is important in many situations.

Confucianism, based on love and compassion, has a lot to say about the parent to child relationship and how mutual respect and admiration are required.

Husband To Wife

Again, the ideas of love, compassion, and respect are involved here.

Older Brother To Younger Brother

Here again there is an aspect of teaching between right and wrong.

Friend To Friend

This is more of a uniform relationship, although it could vary if the friends differ greatly in age.

Confucius taught that a society where individuals put morals and virtue above everything else cannot help but prosper.

So he really emphasized the importance of rituals and standard of conduct.

He also focused on the fact that everyone always has the opportunity to make the right choices, no matter what circumstances they find themselves in.

He stressed that if every single person in a society performs his part the right way by making the right and just choices, the society will be in harmony.

Confucius viewed society as a giant wheel with the the king as the axis that everything spins around.

So he did believe in the hierarchial structure of society and that a society which was based on virtue, the goodness of individuals, and the Five Relationships among them, wouldn't need punishment.

I hope that you have found some helpful tips here for how to build a lasting relationship.

But you always need to keep learning and researching for more help and expert guidance if you want to keep things fresh and current.
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